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Hen & Tilly customer support is available Monday - Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. 

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For quickest response, please leave a message in the online chat box located in the bottom right side of the website or outside of these hours please send an email to help@htfarmhousesinks.com  or submit a contact form message.

Do you have a showroom?

Hen & Tilly is an online retailer based in Northern Virginia and do not have a local showroom. 

Do you accept phone orders?

Yes we sure do! Please give us a call at (877) 506-1666 to place your order.

Farm Sinks Info

Please explain the different Farm Sink materials. 


Authentically crafted fireclay farm sinks are made of a unique clay capable of being fired at extremely high temperatures. These high temperatures cause the clay and glaze to fuse together, virtually creating an entirely new form. This clay is found in limited regions around the world, making true fireclay sinks some of the most durable sinks available. Resistant to acid, alkali, scratches and impact, many fireclay sinks outlive the very spaces for which they were created. 

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel farm sinks closely resemble the look traditionally found in homes with the added benefit of a modern look that will match extremely well with those new stainless steel appliances you have in your home. The size of these stainless steel farm sinks and their front apron makes them easy and convenient to use. Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are durable and resist scratches and damages. Shopping for your next farm sink just got easier. 


A copper sink will endure for generations. Copper is a uniquely durable metal with a literally endless ability to regenerate itself. Copper naturally contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and therefore does not need to be disinfected. A copper sink provides a much healthier environment for your customers families since fewer chemical cleaners come in contact with their sink and dishware.

Green building and furnishing solutions is not just a hot topic it is an important benchmark in the current societys commitment to protect the environment for future generations. It is a positive trend in customer thinking to which Premier Copper Products offers a perfect solution.

Copper is one of the most abundant and valuable recycled materials on the planet. Premier Copper Products are manufactured with a 99.6% pure recycled grade A shiny copper wire that has been reclaimed and recycled into copper sheet. Endlessly recyclable copper sinks will never take up valuable space in a landfill like other stone concrete stainless steel or ceramic sinks can. Each sink can continue to be recycled into new products without limit.

Copper will not rust away or become unattractive over time because it simply protects itself with an environmental barrier called patina. This patina is the primary difference between copper and other metals. In fact copper sinks that are properly cared for become more beautiful and more cherished throughout the years.

Stone & Granite:

Stone kitchen sink is a truly special product for anyone willing to welcome a piece of nature into their home. Stone sinks are made of 100% natural stone carved by hand. Having a sculptured art in your kitchen is truly unique. The stone sinks are available in many styles and finishes, depending on the stone they are made of. Remember, since the sinks are truly hand-crafted and each stone sink is unique, there are always slight variations with the finish. In order to make the process of selecting your next stone kitchen sink easier, we created filters to the left where you can browse by prices, single or double bowl, installation types, dimensions, and more.

Stone sinks are elegant pieces of nature that bring to our kitchens the much need aesthetics and elegance. If you have designed or conceived your kitchen interiors as somewhat luxuriant, then, our collection of kitchen stone sinks will be perfect! We have beautifully designed and crafted stone sinks that feature amazing patterns and exterior finishings depending on the stone they are made of.

You can shop stone sinks in colors such as blue sapphire, honey comb – travetine, Cafe blanc, carrara white, san cecilia, baltic brown, and others. These kitchen sinks can be undermounted or installed in farmhouses. Whether you want a single bowl or a double bowl sink, find it in our collection in various apron themes and finishes. All this along with competitive prices!


The Bamboo farmhouse kitchen sinks are a fairly new addition to our kitchen sinks collection. Using bamboo wood became a standard material in eco friendly building and design projects. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology we are now able to offer an actual water proof bamboo farm sink. Bamboo farm sinks are available in single bowl or double bowl configurations and will amaze you with the same durability and resistance you would expect from other sink materials. These sinks are the perfect choice for eco friendly houses, log cabins or cottages and they just look so pretty. Taking care of your new bamboo farm sink is extremely easy, of course as long as you avoid harsh chemicals and never use steel wool scrub pads on the bamboo wood surface.

Bamboo wood sinks are unique and charming. They offer a distinct natural beauty that man-made materials will never be able to. Wood has been used to build beautiful pieces of furniture since ages long gone. Known for its unwavering strength and timeless charm, you can now add sinks to the list for a complete natural look in the kitchen. Bamboo kitchen sinks provides you with a new opportunity to decorate your house in the much sought after Eastern inspired Feng Shui aesthetic. Bamboo blends perfectly with a variety of multiple color schemes, materials, and original designs to make your dream kitchen come to life. 


Durable, elegant, sturdy, rustic and everything that you associate with farmhouse sinks, is what these acrylic sinks are minus the expensive fireclay material. Blue Bath brings to you an exclusive range of acrylic sinks which are as good as the original farmhouse sinks without the heftiness or the exorbitant cost they are available at. The acrylic kitchen sinks in our collection also include drop in double sinks which are extremely useful and look very elegant in any kitchen. Although these sinks may not be as strong as fireclay farm sinks but nevertheless, these will last as long as you want provided you're not careless with them. Avoid using corrosive chemical agents and exposing them to extreme temperature variations.

Use them well, maintain them better and these kitchen sinks may even outlive their predicted lifespan.


Concrete kitchen sinks are fairly hard to find in today's market. As a material for sinks, concrete has many advantages over natural stone since it is customizeable and can be formed in many shapes, finishes and textures. Concrete sinks and farm sinks can fit both in modern and traditionally designed kitchens. Shop for your next kitchen sink by prices, sink materials, brands, models, features and more by using the filters to the left of this page.

Definitely one of the sexiest choices for kitchen sinks on the market today! If you want to WOW everyone that strolls in your kitchen, then concrete is the ultimate material for your kitchen sink! Concrete sinks refresh your kitchen's appeal with a soft blend of rustic and modern that will make you fall in love with cooking. Concrete sinks are making waves in the home improvement industry, showing up in modern kitchens across America. Today’s advances in the concrete industry have led to a new product that does not stain allowing home owners to have the style and beauty of concrete without the stain factor. These sinks are seriously unbelievable and design choices are, well, limitless.

Which Farm Sinks are easiest to maintain?

Fireclay sinks offer the least maintence because they are easy to clean, wipe down and are made from a strong material that is highly resistant to staining. The highest maintanence sink would be Copper and Bamboo. 

How do stainless steel sinks compare with other materials such as cast iron, acrylic or porcelain?

Stainless steel is an alloy made up of many materials such as chromium and nickel, making it more durable and resistant to daily use than cast iron, porcelain, and acrylic. It is resistant to rust, heat, stains, odors, peeling, cracking, chipping & most chemicals and is also easier to clean than most other materials. While stainless steel doesn’t come in as many color options as other materials, it will maintain its shine and look new for many years. Ruvati stainless steel sinks are equipped with heavy duty sound guard padding and undercoating to reduce noise.

Porcelain, cast iron, and acrylic can be easily dulled and damaged by sharp objects and impacts like dropping pots or pans. Cast iron sinks can be very heavy, making it difficult to install. Porcelain and acrylic sinks can break or crack if not handled carefully.

What are the benefits of Acrylic Farm Sinks?

Acrylic farm sinks are a low cost option for someone who likes the farm sink configuration and its benefits but cannot afford or does not want to pay for the higher quality fireclay farm sink. The acrylic material is very glossy and can be cleaned very easily. Acrylic farmhouse kitchen sinks are not as sturdy as other farm sink materials and may become damaged due to high heat from pots and pans. However, these acrylic sinks are a great option if you are on a strict budget and do not want to give up on style and uniqueness.

Can an apron front sink be installed with laminate countertop?

Most apron front sinks otherwise known as farm sinks require undermount installation. Laminate countertops are not recommended for use with undermount installation because water can potentially get inside the laminate and cause warping. The best countertop type for farm sinks is solid surface such as granite. That being said we have had customers who had no other choice on countertop and just had to have a farm sink so they did make it work. It's possible, check with your installer for more information.

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Farm Sink Care Guides


  • General cleaning: use soapy water or vinegar-based cleaner and a sponge and towel dry.
  • Water marks: wipe with damp cloth and towel dry.
  • Difficult stains: use a 50/50 water/bleach solution or non-abrasive cleaners (follow cleaner manufacturer’s instructions), rinse and towel dry.
  • Do not use strong chemicals such as paint removers or oven cleaners, straight or undiluted bleach solution, abrasive cleaning products, scouring pads, steel wool or caustic solutions containing ammonia or alkalis.
  • Do not set hot pans directly into sink.
  • Run cold water when pouring boiling water into sink.

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